Chairman Michael Sippitt meets Baroness Patricia Scotland

22/05/2017 #England

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of The Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform and Clarkslegal LLP recently met with Baroness Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, to discuss important issues around climate finance, sustainability, and SME development including business and supply chain integrity.

BUEF Group Meeting in London

22/04/2016 #England

Bangladesh is recognised by the UNFCCC as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts, according to the Grantham paper on 2015 Global Climate Change Legislation Study.

A Collaborative Commonwealth

24/03/2016 #England

We recently celebrated Commonwealth Day, the annual reminder of what the Commonwealth is about. This year was celebrating the 2016 theme of inclusivity, which promotes values of tolerance, respect for diversity, participation, equity and fairness.

Be resilient: take immediate action for the ‘world’s greatest single challenge’, Commonwealth told at international Climate Challenge Conference

02/12/2015 #England

The need to be resilient and proactive in preparing for a radically changing climate is the priority for sustainable, smarter cities, according to leading experts at the dedicated Climate Change conference alongside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2015 in Malta last week.

Video Highlights - The Climate Challenge Conference and Reception, Malta

02/12/2015 #England

A special thank you to our guest speakers Dr Michael Dixon, General Manager, Smarter Cities, IBM Corporation; Mikele Brack, Founding Partner, Urban Living Solutions; Dr Adrian Champion, a specialist in meteorology at the University of Reading; Josh Sawislak, Global Director of Resilience, AECOM; Chris Donnelly, The Institute for Statecraft; and Sunil Shastri, Lecturer & Senior Tutor in Marine Policy, University of Hull.

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