Business Development

The CEIP has mandates from a number of well established businesses to introduce sustainable trade and investment opportunities across the Commonwealth, particularly in the fast growing emerging economies.

The CEIP regional hubs provide a structured network to support businesses trade successfully in foreign markets and become familiar with overseas business practices.

All regional CEIP hubs share a common vision of promoting sustainability and reliance across the Commonwealth through better transfer of technologies and expertise to help address some of the major environmental and resource challenges of this century.

Water saving product

#Energy/resource efficiency # Water

The Business is family owned and has been established for 10 years, we own a patented product for an award winning water saving product used by all UK Water Companies..

GPS system to improve efficiency in farming applications

#Agriculture # Energy/resource efficiency

We provide customised and off-the-shelf for growers, contractors and service providers. Our products are simple to use, price competitive and award winning.

Non-financial reporting software

#Energy/resource efficiency

We are a leading provider of non-financial reporting software. Our world-class team of industry experts advise and support clients to define their requirements..

Energy performance audits, energy efficiency consulting

#Energy/resource efficiency # Energy generation

We provide energy performance audits, energy efficiency consulting, as well as design and planning of new construction or refurbishments.

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