The India Hub is Operated by ICE STRATEGIC BUSIENSS ADVISORS (INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, EXPONENTIAL GROWTH - ICE) a complete 'Acceleration Platform' for corporate /entrepreneurs and a full service investment bank.

ICE works with key players in the sustainability/environmental space: entrepreneurs, investors, think tanks, financial institutions, banks, incubators etc.

The range of services offered to entrepreneurs:         

  • Investment facilitation from our network of national and international investors
  • Creating business plans and investor facing strategic communications.
  • Connecting with international business opportunities from our network of partners.
  • Developing business opportunities
  • Mentoring

The Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP) is a pan-Commonwealth network linking entrepreneurs and companies in the environmental sector to each other and to international investors.

The platform is designed to facilitate trade and investment in sustainable technologies, to improve international awareness of developments in green technology and sustainability issues, and to support low carbon economic growth across the Commonwealth.

At the INDIA HUB our objective is very clear the GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP should grow not in isolation or in certain locations but globally

They should also get an opportunity to share ideas with other entrepreneurs leading to JV’s Tech transfer, M&A, as well as spread wings globally through setting distribution /alliance/ franchise partnerships

The CEIP has been developed in alliance with Forbury Investment Network. CEIP has member hubs in Bangladesh, Canada, Caribbean, England, Ghana, India, Isle of Man, Kenya, Maldives, Malta, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Wales.

ICE for the past few years is very strongly focused on Sustainability segment and under CEIP wishes to provide a linkage between entrepreneurs and investor community

CEIP through the India Hub addresses the key barriers to “green” entrepreneurial growth by building support networks for sustainability /environmental enterprises and increasing their access to finance.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities from across the Commonwealth

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Business Development

Businesses seeking access to new markets

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Sustainable Cities

The CEIP runs sustainable cities briefing programmes

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