Acumum employs Maltese and UK lawyers and accountants with extensive specialist commercial and private client expertise, with on-location based international experience, including:  Malta, U.S., U.K., Cayman Islands, Switzerland.

All of our professionals have outstanding academic training and work experience and are licensed in the fields and jurisdictions in which we operate – so you can have confidence in relevant advice.

As seasoned service professionals – experts in our fields – we provide down to earth, practical advice in a cost effective manner, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

We, at Acumum, are proud to be the Malta hub for the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP) – a pan-Commonwealth and beyond network linking entrepreneurs and companies in the environmental sector to each other and to international investors.

Malta as a hub provides opportunities such as:

  • Helping as a gateway to EU markets for Commonwealth businesses, and vice versa. Our experience is that EU companies are keen to expand into Commonwealth markets but do not have established links to facilitate this.
  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Commonwealth countries by export of know how and experience already gained in Malta, such as the impressive technology entrepreneurship programmes in the University of Malta.
  • Helping SMEs in Malta find markets in the fast growing countries of the Commonwealth where most people on the planet will be living as this century unfolds. The EU is a market, which is very small and economically constrained by comparison with Africa and Asia, and which holds the vast majority of the Commonwealth peoples.
  • Helping Malta engage, particularly through sustainable enterprise, with the vital issues of the planet, which will undoubtedly be very much in the minds of the Heads of Government at CHOGM 2015. The Commonwealth is especially committed to helping meet then developmental and environmental needs of the small island states and developing nations who on their own do not have much influence on world affairs. Malta is well placed as a successful island state with much resource and expertise in technology and finance, as well as free access to EU markets, to contribute to the Commonwealth’s programmes in this key area of concern.

The hub will help put Malta on the map for many in the developing countries of the Commonwealth who look to Europe for education, investment and business opportunities, who do not as yet have knowledge of Malta.

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