Sri Lanka & Maldives

The origins being way back as 1978, General Engineers( GE Supplies) have adapted a strong ethos for innovative thinking and revolutionary concepts to the changing needs of the clientale together with the best available technologies that continuously change.

Within twenty years the GE group had expanded and set up six subsidiary company’s performing under the GE umbrella. The company’s diversified product portfolio today, ranges from communication equipment, priority vehicles to new infrastructure deployment, Outsourced brand marketing services, Funding for large projects and a entertainment company.  The company now is venturing to Global partner brands  who wants collaboration with private & Government sector institutions for developing new projects as well as consultancy in business opportunity management.

The Chief Executive Officer dynamic and aggressive business personality D.S Roshan Motha believes that ‘Setting clear benchmarks on standards of delivering with the latest in technology and support with skilled people to offer solutions has made GE synonymous with excellence in service delivery.

Motha Capital Investments  (MCI) is the latest addition to GE group of companies which is aimed at developing the sustainable environmental agenda of Sri Lanka & Maldives through The Commonwealth Environmental Investors Platform so that one can do business in a responsible manner.

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